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Pinewood Derby January 21, 2012

The Pack 9 Pinewood Derby 2012 is almost here. I hope your cars are almost done! If you don’t have a kit or need help getting your car completed we can still get you ready. I have kits, tools, designs, and ideas.

Please remember we are running a stock class. That means you & your son must build the car from the contents in the box. I would like all cars to qualify. Please refer to the rules & instructions inside every kit. If you have questions not answered on the form, please contact me directly.

Pit Crew:
Most of the Pit Crew has been put together, but we could use a couple more volunteers. We currently have 2 slots open for repairs.
  • MC & PA (Shaw)
  • Tech Check (Constante & Suri)
  • Track Set Up (Gossard & Goodacre)
  • Brackets (Heinen & Oakley)
  • Judging & Runners (Boy Scouts)
  • Repairs (2)
  • Photographs (Basinski)
The Race will get started at 1PM. Please show up for check in by 12PM. This process takes a little while so please be patient. There is no food or drink allowed inside the Bryker Woods gym - I know that the race is happening right at lunch time, so please plan ahead and eat early. I think there might be some Girl Scout cookies for sale as well. 

Race Schedule (01/21/12):
10:00 Unlock Gym
11:00 Pit Crew Set-Up
12:00 Check-In (Weight & Specs)
13:00 Start
14:00 Finish
14:15 Awards
14:30 Clean Up

Everyone is encouraged to help if they can. We’ll be adding a raffle to this year’s race. A ticket will be issued at the check-in. Please hold on to it for a chance to win some race memorabilia.

Let’s Go Racing Boys, 
Matthew C. Shaw 
Pinewood Derby Coordinator