Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby is fast approaching! The big race day is Sat. Jan. 22. Stephen Lemmon is orchestrating the event with Matt Shaw. Car kits will soon be distributed. 

Two workshops at the Scout Hut will enable parents to use the Pack bandsaw to shape car blocks to the Scouts' specifications as well as to learn other car-building tips. The workshops will take place at 2 pm Sat. Dec. 18 and Sat. Jan. 8. Feel free to come to either or both.

Stephen and Matt also need assistance on Derby day. No previous experience is necessary! Please contact Stephen at or committee chair Anne Heinen at to fill one of the available jobs:

Track set up (1 person)
Check in (1)

Photos ( 1)

Pit crew ( 2)

Table and bench set up (1)

Printing and putting pictures in frames (2)

Bracketing, ( 1)