May 2011 Updates

posted May 18, 2011, 9:43 AM by Unknown user
Greetings Pack Niners,

It's hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another school year and finishing up another busy Cub Scout cycle.  In April, we held our annual Blue & Gold Banquet and tried something a little different, moving the event from our usual pack meeting Thursday to a Sunday.  It seemed to me that things were a little less rushed and a little more fun but what did you all think.  Email me at mailto:gcg@systemanalytics.comwith your comments and help us plan for next year.  Let me also take this opportunity to say thanks to all the volunteers that helped organize and staff the event with a special thanks to McCoy the Magnificent for his revival performance.  Your hard work is what makes Pack 9 excel.

Late in April, we also had a camp out at Barton Creek Preserve.  I was not able to be there due to an under-the-weather scout but I heard that it was a beautiful setting and that everyone had a great time. 

Coming up on Thursday May 19th, is our annual end of year pack picnic, crossover ceremony, and water balloon battle.  This will be held at the pavillion on Shoal Creek, just below the Bryker Woods sports field.  Start time for the picnic is 6:30 and we will start the program around 7:15.  This is our final regular season activity where our graduating Webelos II Scouts "cross-over" to become Boy Scouts.  Representatives from Troop 9 will be on hand to appropriately outfit them and welcome them into the next phase of their Scouting adventure.  After that, we will continue the evening with the water balloon battle which will continue until all ammo and participants are exhausted.  This is another one of those activities that every Scout looks forward to so don't miss it.

The following day, Friday May 20th we will be hosting an after school recruiting event at Bryker Woods.  We had a very good response to this last year and hope for the same success this time.  We will have a tent and campsite set up, a couple of lashed together tripods, and of course stomp rockets for the kids to mess around with.  Meanwhile, we will try to corral the parents and give them some useful info about Cub Scouting in general and Pack 9 in particular.  Anyone who would like to join us and help pitch the pack is welcome and if you know anyone who might be interested in joining cub scouts, whether they go to Bryker Woods or not, encourage them to drop by.  They are also welcome at our picnic.

For our final regular season activity we will leave the kids at home and get together for a parents-only social.  On June 10th, Linda Burgess and Steve Lemmon will once again open their home for us to get together for an enjoyable evening where we can all get to know each other a little better without flashlights and smores.  This is your reward for all the hard work and time that you have put in throughout the year so make sure and put this on your calendar.  We will send out a reminder with the exact time closer to the event.

Finally, even though the school year is coming to a close, that doesn't mean that we are done with Scouting.  We have the following events lined up for summer activities that we will do as a pack:
  • Jun 26th - Pack 9 Rain Gutter Regatta.  This is a Sunday evening event that should provide some silly fun for everyone - just google Rain Gutter Regatta to see what it's all about.  We will start around 5 PM under the sun awning on the Bryker Woods play ground.  I'm sure there will be some judging and racing but nothing as involved as the Pinewood Derby.  Bring your dinner and sit a spell.
  • Campout at Steve's River Place.  We don't have a firm date for this yet but it will be sometime in July (the 16th maybe) and will depend on if there is water in the well.  Seriously, the well may run dry if we don't get some good rain before then.  A lot of you have been to Steve's place before and know how much fun it can be.  We will try and line up a visit to the Narrows again as well.  
I am also going to try to schedule a field trip or two over the summer months.  Last year we did an interesting tour of the LCRA Redbud Island facility but only had a few scouts attend.  I may try to set that one up again if there is sufficient interest.  If anyone else has ideas for field trips that we could do as a pack, please let me know.

That's about it for now.  It's been a great year and there is more to come.  Thanks for all the hard work on everyone's part, kids and parents alike, and we will see everyone on Thursday.

Happy Scouting,

Grady Gossard