May Update

posted May 11, 2010, 12:16 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 11, 2010, 5:45 PM ]
We're well into May now and the school year is drawing to a close but never fear, Scouting at Bryker Woods continues.

April was a fun month for Bryker Woods Pack 9.  We held an after school recruiting event and got a great response from parents and kids alike.  Ben Allums was a real trooper setting up his tent in the mornings and handing out flyers.  On Friday the 9th, we set up camp again right in front of the school and gave everyone a taste of the Scouting adventure - there are probably still some stomp rockets stuck in the tree.  Most importantly, we collected a number of names of parents (and kids) that are interested in our program and we hope that many of them will choose to join us for the coming year.

We also held our annual Blue & Gold Banquet last month and I think it was a tremendous success.  The food was great, the magic show was enthralling and I think everyone had a fun night and left feeling proud of our pack and the hard work our Scouts have put in over the past year.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and energies in making this such a great event with a special thanks to McCoy the Magnificent, to all those who brought Scout memorabilia and to Linda Burgess and Tracy Gossard for organizing the effort.  (I'll post a couple of pictures as soon as I remember how to do that.)

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the April camp out with the Boy Scouts at Krause Springs - the weather was just a little too uncertain.  When I saw a large squall line moving across our area about 6pm on that Saturday night, I knew we had made the right call.  We are trying to set up a make up opportunity in June.  Steve Lemmon has volunteered his river place on the little Blanco river for us to use and is trying to arrange for us to visit the Narrows, a spectacular canyon on the Blanco River ( ).  We are trying to set this up for the latter part of June and when we have firm dates I'll let everyone know.

We have a number of events coming up soon this month.  First, this coming Saturday, May 15th, will be a Scout Hut work day.  The Boy Scouts have put together a work plan that includes repair of broken wall blocks, replacement of restroom fixtures, bench repair, painting, and just general organizing and clean up.  I think everyone will agree that the Scout Hut is in great need of a face lift and this is our chance to pitch in and get it done - remember, many hands make light work.  The fun starts at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 15th. 

On Sunday the 16th of May, in addition to the rescheduled Bear den meeting, at 3:30 pm we will be hosting a new parents orientation in the spiffed up Scout Hut.  At this meeting we will try to give a little background on the scouting program at Bryker Woods, explain what we hope our kids get out of Scouting, and calm the new parents' fears about how much more of their dwindling free time Scouting will consume.  New Scouts are welcome also and we will have them join in with the Bears to see what a den meeting is like. 

Finally for May, we will hold our annual Pack 9 picnic, cross-over ceremony and water balloon battle on May 20th at the pavilion on Shoal Creek just below the Bryker Woods sports field.  This is our final regular season activity where our graduating Webelos II Scouts "cross-over" to become Boy Scouts.  It really is a pretty moving ceremony, both sad and joyful, as we say farewell to the kids who have grown so much in the last five years as part of our Pack and wish these young men well as they continue their adventure as Boy Scouts.  Shortly after this somber event, we will revert to the wild and rowdy Pack that we are and pelt each other with water balloons.  This is another one of those activities that every Scout looks forward to so don't miss it.  The picnic will start at about 6:30pm, Thursday the 20th of May.

We are finalizing plans for summertime activities and I should be able to pass out that info at the picnic.  There is one event that I want you to put on your calendars right now.  Steve Lemmon has volunteered (once again) to host a social get together, parents only, at his house at 7:00 pm on June 11th.  While Cub Scouting is certainly about the kids foremost, I think we often forget that the parents play a pretty big role in this endeavor.  This will be an enjoyable evening where we can all get to know each other a little better without having to pitch tents.  Of course parents of new Scouts are especially welcome.

One final sad note.  The Bausman moved to the Mueller area earlier this year and Gage will be attending a new school (Maplewood) so they do not expect to continue with Pack 9 next year.  I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Greg and Lori for their contribution to Pack 9 as Tiger and Wolf Den Leaders and wish them the best of luck at their new school.  And to the Bear (formerly Wolf) parents, here is your chance to fulfill that dream you have always had of becoming a Cub Scout Den Leader.  I'll be calling soon.  Thanks again Bausmans.

Well that's it for now.  I'll see everyone at the picnic if not sooner.  Happy Scouting!

Grady Gossard
Cubmaster, Pack 9