September News

posted Sep 8, 2010, 8:56 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 8, 2010, 11:02 PM ]
Welcome back Pack Niners!

I hope all our pack families had a great time over the Summer.  I know we did.  Now with everyone getting back in the swing of school, I wanted to remind you that we are also kicking off another year of Cub Scouting.  I think you will agree that we have some neat things lined up.  But more on that later...

Of course the Summer wasn't completely bereft of scouting activities.  In June, the Lemmons hosted a very civilized camp out at their place on the Little Blanco River. 

After a few required scout tasks (like fire building) and a gourmet meal of hot dogs, baked beans and cole slaw, the scouts of course made the fire bigger in anticipation of skits and stories before bed.

The next day, with reinforcements from Austin, the guys trooped over the The Narrows, a kind of mini-grand canyon right here in Texas. 

After a bit of a hike, they were rewarded with great scenery and a dunk in the crystal clear water of the Blanco River.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Next, in July, a few intrepid cub scouts braved the heat and visited the LCRA's Wilkerson Center for Colorado River Education at Redbud where they learned about the Colorado River and its system of dams and lakes.  After an interesting inspection of the large scale model they have of the Colorado River lakes and dams, we walked out to an overlook just below Tom Miller dam and learned a little about its history.  Then we had the good fortune to meet the director of LCRA's emergency operations who gave us tour of their new emergency operations center.  With the soaking rain and flash floods we've had the last couple of days, these kids may be especially appreciative of the folks who man this facility and try to orchestrate the capture and flow of water that these kinds of storms produce.

Of course, to close out the Summer we had our traditional bat watching and ice cream social.  No pictures of that but the kids had a great time - even if the bats were late coming out.

That brings us to the month of September.  Our first pack meeting will be on September 16th and we will be kicking the new year off with a special presentation of games by Mike Spiller.  Mike is an alumni of both Bryker Woods Elementary and Pack 9.  Here he is, top row far left in a 1956 pack picture.  Here is a link to Mike's Web Site -

Gathering time is 6:15pm and the meeting will start exactly at 6:30pm so that we can have plenty of time for Mike's program.  I hope that everyone can make it.  In addition to the regular pack meeting and Mike's presentation, we are also inviting anyone interested in Cub Scouting to attend the meeting and learn more about what we do.  So if you see someone you don't recognize, introduce yourself and make them welcome.

This coming Friday (9/10), we will also have a quick after school Join Scouting Rally in hopes of pulling in a few more families.  Anyone interested in helping out with that is more than welcome.  It will be from 3pm to 4pm and we will have some activities for the kids and a separate gathering with parents to introduce them to Pack 9.  And a special greeting to our new Tiger Den families who will have their first meeting this coming Sunday (9/12).  I look forward to seeing you there.

At the Pack meeting, we will also be handing out the packets you will need for - you guessed it - Popcorn Sales.  Yes, we seem to start this earlier and earlier each season and this year it begins on September 18th.  More info to follow.

Looking beyond this month, we have some really great activities lined up.  In October, we Scout Jam from 10/8 to 10/10 at the Travis County Expo Center.  Celebrating 100 years of scouting, this will be our own local Jamboree and promises to be the biggest scouting event in our neck of the woods for some time to come.  More info at

We will also have our fall camping trip on October 23 to McKinney Falls.  A lot of you have been here before and know what a great place it is.  And being so close to Austin, this will be an easy one for our new families to get their feet wet in camping.  We will have more info later but you can take a quick look at the park at

In November, we have a special trip planned.  On November 13th, we are doing an overnight on the USS Lexington, the aircraft carrier that is on exhibit at Corpus Christi.  You can find out about the Lexington here and about the overnight camping program here  We will be covering part of the expense out of the pack funds (this is why we sell popcorn).  Everyone who has done this says that it is a great experience, for kids and adults alike, and it should be one of the highlights of the year.

Well, there is more planned for the out months but I think that is enough to chew on for now.  If you are eager to know, check out the Calendar link at the left of this page to find out everything that we have scheduled.  I want to welcome everyone back and to especially welcome our new cub families.  I look forward to seeing you all at the pack meeting.

Happy Scouting,

Grady Gossard